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ERS provides electronic recycling solutions to business while recovering value out of used assets.  We are R2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified recycler.  Let us custimize a recycling solutions to fit your IT recycling needs.

Safe + Secure Recycling Made Easy!

Business Solutions

ERS is proud to offer IT asset disposition ITAD (asset management) services along with recycling that can be tailored to suit individual companies.  Every company has different needs when dealing with used electronics.  Why settle for a company that is not capable of handling all of your specific needs? The services offered by ERS can be customized to maximize your company’s return on used/damaged electronics.

  • ERS assures that your company will be doing the right thing to help make the environment a greener place by practicing environmentally safe disposal standards.
  • ERS can keep your proprietary information safe by providing DOD certified data erasing of your hard drives. 
  • For those companies looking for the most secure data destruction services available we offer on-site hard drive degaussing services, using an NSA listed machine to ensure that you are getting the most secure destruction available.
  • Let an industry expert handle all your electronic disposal needs.

We are your certified electronic recycler!

Consumer Solutions


ERS is one of the most qualified electronic recyclers in the Nation as well as in the state of Utah.  We solve environmental and information liability problems when you need to dispose of your electronic waste and assets.  Electronic hardware contains hazardous materials such as lead in CRT monitors and various heavy metals in computers. Hard drives store personal, confidential and proprietary information. We tailor solutions to these problems based on the needs of our clients. When a client utilizes the full extent of our services, liabilities turn into assets.