Why Recycle and Updated Fees:

E-waste is a progressive and global problem, particularly in Utah, where an estimated 80-90% of electronics are thrown into landfills, comprising up to 70% of the overall toxic landfill waste. E-waste can contaminate the environment with toxic substances such as lead and mercury. Because of the environmental impact associated with e-waste, there is an urgent need for companies and communities to get involved with electronics recycling initiatives and/or programs.

There are companies in Utah that offer e-waste recycling services; however, these companies either charge high fees for their recycling services or do not take the necessary steps to ensure that the waste is being properly recycled with the least environmental impact. Such fees and poor handling of e-waste potentially hamper interest in recycling and may discourage communities from participating in recycling programs.

Electronic recycling has the potential to prevent millions of tons of e-waste from going into our landfills. ERS is proud to offer electronic recycling that is convenient, affordable, and most of all reduces the environmental impact by reusing and recycling electronics.

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Recyclable Items

Items Recycled For a Small Fee

CRT, LCD, Plasma Monitor or TV

  • Below 16" - $5.00
  • 16" to 25" - $10.00
  • Above 26" (CRT only) - $15.00

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